We collect our forest fruits, wild berries and forest mushrooms exclusively from the mountains and the remote regions where there are very few people remaining. Everything we find there –nature and people - is more natural, genuine and traditional. And above all, people are deeply rooted in the past. The past when life was much different, and values and views of life were determined by nature. There, one still recognizes spirituality, which unfortunately nowadays has been pretty much lost. This spirit of close contact with nature and our work with its fruits have built in us an unusual view of what products we would like to consume and how we should process them. We believe we can accomplish everything by treating the fruits of nature with respect and care. Similarly to how people did in the past influenced by their deep connection with nature and using thousands of years of experience. We want to revive this knowledge of the past, regrettably almost completely forgotten, and pass it on to modern people. The revival of this knowledge and its implementation coupled with professional quality work make it possible for us to present to you foods that are as natural and vital as they should be. Foods that make sense to be consumed.